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We work with companies in many industries and for this reason we are able to understand the specific digital challenges that companies must face.
Our people and solutions are geared towards overcoming these challenges so as to maximize the ROI of your digital investment.
Sebastiano Tartari - Chief Design Officer
The Strategic Consulting service is the most important service that Siglacom gives to its Customers.
The main thing that needs to be done is to identify the objectives and set them out for a strategy. For this "advice", because it is a consultancy that must lead to define a medium-long term strategy.
Strategic Consulting Service means making available to our Customers a team of professionals able to define, together, the objectives, define a lineup to achieve these objectives and, consequently, go to outline what is the overall strategy.
Once the strategies at the service of the company objectives have been identified and defined, strategic activities are then declined.
The main ones are those of the brand strategy or the definition of the overall and all-round brand strategy, definition of which are the correct systems to present a brand, define the brand architecture, or the brand structure within a company.

la digital transformation e gli strumenti digital
Our professionals put themselves alongside the internal resources of the company to guide them in a process that is not always simple and straightforward, ie the process through which all company resources, the most important, the most representative of the company, learn to relate to the web as the main tool of all corporate communication.
The change of business mentality that sees in the internet the reason and the best way to communicate, is then declined in all the fundamental aspects of today's Internet, so not only the website, but also the design of the logo and of the brand, which must be of impact and therefore must be memorable for the final consumer, analysis and monitoring of social networks, then the definition of communication strategies that must be declined in a correct manner with respect to the relevant social network.

Then gradually going more and more specifically to what is a communication strategy, then for example the definition of what are called the "marketing personas" or the typical subjects through which the company must go to hit its target audience real.
So also event planning.
Regarding events in particular, it is not so much the "what to do" inside an event, but it is the study of the event in such a way that it is possible, through the event, to reach the corporate communication goals and corporate business goals.

il processo di consulenza
The consulting process necessarily develops by stages.
Basically our final goal is to arrive at a time when there is no longer a "you" and a "us", but there is a whole "we", unique, that guides and manages all the communication and business processes that the company intends to carry on.
This is the recipe, is the secret ingredient to be able to have winning strategies in the medium and long term.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: be alongside our partners and grow the business

  • Human resources training and digital transformation
  • Brand strategy construction and management
  • Brand architechture development and management
  • Social networks strategies management and coordination
  • Social networks analysis and listening
  • Strategic event planning
  • Definition of marketing personas
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