Brand Building

Brand development as a cornerstone of business strategy.
Structuring a brand strategy able to give form and clarity to its corporate objectives and mission.
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Increasingly, entrepreneurs are asking us to accompany them in the development process
of their new business projects, in particular for the startups.
The first fundamental step is the creation of the brand, from creation of the brand and a series of values ​​that identify the characteristics of the service product that is offered.
The first step in the creation of a new brand is through an in-depth analysis of the marketing mix, then the marketing levers present within the product or service offered, in order to extract what are the distinctive features to reproduce them within all the values ​​of the brand.
The second step is the development and choice of the naming that must be chosen based on specific characteristics that fully identify the service offered and the targeting aspects of the public with whom you want to communicate.
In some cases, is possibile to added a payoff to the naming, to reinforcing one, a short sentence that reinforces the brand's values ​​to have a greater impact on the communication profile of its brand.
The third step is the definition of his personality, then the construction of the font, which must also in this case fully express its characteristics of brand identity and represent the product category or product service offered.
The fourth step is the definition of the distinctive feature of the brand and therefore its visual identification, through the selection of the color, the color must be weighted on the brand and therefore must reflect the positioning, for example for a business consulting firm the color required it will be of an institutional type and therefore will have to be chosen in one of its nuances, which make it distinctive and unique in its kind.
Finally, the last phase consists in the realization of the guide to the use of the logo that declines the logo in all its forms ranging from printed paper to the digital form, in this way the communication of the logo and of all the its distinctive features, ensuring a unique communication that fully represents the values ​​of its brand.

BRAND BUILDING: drive business initiatives in the creation and development of your business project

In the development of new business initiatives, the first step coincides with the creation of the new brand with the related brand name.

This is often the most important passage of the marketing strategy that will have a decisive influence on the development of the new brand, for this reason it is important to pay close attention to the creation of new brands, thus avoiding choices dictated by external factors that will heavily influence the outcome of the initiatives. entrepreneurial future.

For this reason it is important to rely on a structured process that takes into account all the variables that can influence the performance of the new business venture in the present and in the future.
The process that leads to the creation of a new brand is very complex and always passes through accurate analyzes carried out in order to create a new brand that has well defined its own heritage of values through its own brand identity that can thus be developed and amplified with the branding strategy.

BRAND BUILDING: drive business initiatives in the creation and development of your business project

  • Brand identity 
  • Brand value  
  • Building a digital brand 
  • Brand analysis
  • Communication strategy 
  • Logo design 
  • Payoff design 
  • Brand guide (corporate identity guide)

Brand Identity
The brand identity, that is the brand identity, is a concept of strategic marketing, which provides a solid and clear engineering of the identity of a company so that the target audience can recognize the brand easily and align it with the brand image.

Brand Value 
The Brand value is the set of all the values that enhance and clearly and clearly position the brand in its reference market.

Building a Digital Brand
the creation strategy for a new brand it is extremely important to develop all the distinctive elements of the same in an omnichannel perspective so as to make the brand univocally identifiable in all its forms, designing a digital brand.

Brand Analysis 
To build an effective strategy, it is necessary to start with an in-depth analysis of the products or services offered, identifying the distinctive assets that produce the most value in the perception of the target, by analyzing the distinctive assets it is possible to analyze the individual brand in detail or build a new one that reflects the values offered by the service product that you intend to present on the market.

Communication Strategy
For build a strong brand it is necessary to build around it a well-defined strategy that defines and plans in detail the objectives to be achieved and the tools that are to be used to achieve their goals.

Logo Design
A brand is recognizable by a series of elements that compose it, these elements are defined identity element, among these the logo is one of the most important elements, with the logo indicates the set of graphic symbols that identifies the company or a product to differentiate it from competitors.

Payoff Design
the payoff is a short sentence, immediate and simple to remember that is associated with the brand to communicate the main values of the brand itself, the payoff is also known by the term slogan and its main objective is to ensure that the consumer identifies himself full in the brand.manuale

Corporate Identity guide
To manage the brand and all its elements, is necessary to engineered a manual of corporate identity is , a tool that guarantees the correct and consistent implementation of the brand identity strategy, expressing the brand graphically and valued in all fields of use.

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