Banca Galileo

Banca Galileo 

Banca Galileo was started in 2002 by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals in the credit sector. This new private bank is focused on the client's central role, reversing the classic concept that focuses on the bank and sees the customer as a secondary player.

At Banca Galileo, this relationship is reversed: the customer has a central role. This is a revolution - like the one of Galileo Galilei - from which a project of innovative and dynamic banking was born, oriented to satisfy the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals, offering the best products on the market, independently selected.

The bank’s offices, in Milan, Mantua, Bergamo and Borgomanero, offer banking services, personalized financial advice, and highly qualified professional assistance. Banca Galileo is a qualified and independent partner for entrepreneurs, professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises. In partnership with selected operators, it provides specialized consulting services, tailored to specific customer requirements.

Banca Galileo offers comprehensive services include traditional banking, Private Banking and Corporate Finance. Excellence, professionalism, independence and ability to deliver 360 ° banking services are the main characteristics of Banca Galileo, a dynamic bank, in line with the expectations of its customers, thanks to the operational efficiency and professionalism of the staff.

integrated operational support in a omnichannel approach

The integrated operational support of Siglacom supports the customer in the design development and activation of a series of operations for the management and development of their business, relying on a flexible structure with specific expertise and know how structured since 1996.

Siglacom provides its departments (Graphic design, Movie, software engineering, cloud platform, visual merchandising, event, etc. ..) for an integrated management of the operational activities of its customer ensuring a contact contact unique and continuous so as to make it easily external and controllable all or some of the operative activities that go from the production of physical and digital material to the realization of Video tailor made.

The main departments that are part of the Siglacom operational support program:
  • Graphyc & Design
  • Movie & Service
  • Photography & Shooting
  • Cloud computing
  • Software development
  • Web platform
  • E-commerce platform
Siglacom's integrated operational support in optichannel approac is available in different configurations suitable for each specific case ranging from start-ups to well-established international companies operating all over the world who need a strategic partner able to offer a high-value service added.

Siglacom Customer Care
Siglacom affianca i propri clienti come fossero veri e propri partner, per garantire il miglior livello di affiancamento possibile ha costruito un reparto di servizio clienti che assicura un referente unico per l’intera durata del progetto ed una prontezza di risposta alle esigenze del cliente costante.
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