Alti Formaggi

Alti Formaggi

The website dedicated to the world of italian cheeses and typical products of highest quality. Many new and traditional recipes with photos and videos to make them just like in Italy.
Alti Formaggi Association want to increase awareness of the high-quality products they represent: Provolone Valpadana PDo, Taleggio PDO and Salva Cremasco PDO.

Taleggio is a soft cheeses produced in Italy made from pasteurized cow's milk. Taleggio cheese has a long history, dating back to before the 10th century. The sale and exchange of Taleggio and other cheeses is documented in some 13th century historical documents. The cheese originates and gets its name from Val Taleggio, outside Bergam.

Provolone Valpadana is a semi-hard, 'pasta filata' (or spun-curd) cheese with a smooth rind. This cheese is made from milk curd with added calf, kid goat and lamb rennet, either individually or together.  The two varieties of Provolone Valpadana differ due to the type of rennet used to make them and the length of the ageing process: Provolone Valpadana dolce (sweet) uses calf rennet and has a relatively short ageing period (from one to three months); Provolone Valpadana piccante (sharp) uses kid goat and lamb rennet, either together or separately, and the ageing process lasts over three months (larger cheeses can even be aged for more than a year).

Salva Cremasco is a fresh, soft, washed-rind italian cheese, made exclusively using full-fat cows' milk. The production of Salva Cremasco has continued over the years, maintaining the same traditional methods and providing a significant boost to the local economy and its inhabitants.

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